300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training ~ The School of Embodied Poetics

….Be more than a good teacher. Be more than a great teacher. “Be an exceptional teacher.” – Rod Stryker.

To meet that aim, this is an exceptional and evolutionary teacher’s study. It marries cutting edge science, biomechanics, and wise psychology to the ancient wisdom traditions of yoga, mythology, and mysticism. The result is a remarkable, modular 300 hour training program to build knowledge, leverage authentic gifts, build confidence and cultivate an authentic voice.

Across the program, attend embodiment sessions, lectures, practicums, webinars, an online supported meditation challenge, and a service outreach, to raise the level of your offerings, as perhaps you never imagined possible.

As a Mandala of study, the program layers and anchors skills intelligently as it maps in the most relevant and creative directions of yoga teaching skills.

Each Teacher who engages this program experiences seven main modules, The Four Direction Immersions and The Triadic Heart Wisdom Immersions, as well as five Evolutionary Elective Modules.

Each Weekend Immersion is Twenty Hours
Thursday & Friday 6pm – 9 pm
Saturday 10am – 6pm, Sunday 10am – 4pm

Areas of study.

The Seven Main Modules
  Four Cardinal Directions to Anchor, Apply and Expand Knowledge and Skill Across the Art and Science of Yoga.
  These primary divisions move across the most foundational, effective, and useful methods and techniques of authentically engaging and teaching yoga.
  1/25 - 1/28: North – Create Content and Cultivate Meaning
  2/8 - 2/11: East – Teaching Techniques Across All Levels
  3/1 - 3/4: South – A Life In Balance
  4/5 - 4/8: West – The Art of Being Seen and Heard
  Each of these sessions follow an inspired, yet practical map of directionally oriented:
  • Asana, Embodiment, Authentic Action, and Transmission
  • Movement Methodology
  • Advanced and Applied Sequencing
  • Applied and Engaged Anatomy
  • Hands On Adjustments
  • Creative Prop Inspiration and Use
  • Verbal Expression
  • Contemporary Textual Study
  • Student to Teacher Relationship Building
  • Daily Yoga Engagement
  The energy of Hindu mythology beautifully vibrates between ‘seed’ nature and ‘growing’ nature. These immersion inspired the student teachers across and through the divine pairings of the three primary archetypes of creation, sustenance, and dissolution.
  These devi and deva stories, myths, symbols and agencies up-level inspiration, engagement, and application of the ancient to the contemporary.
  Understand what is meant by the ‘Triadic Heart’ in each of these divine energies, separately and together:
  5/3 - 5/6: Creation – Saraswati and Brahma
  6/7 - 6/10: Sustenance – Lakshmi and Vishnu
  7/12 - 7/15: Dissolution – Durga and Shiva
  Each of these weekend immersions deeply steeps one in applied:
  • Asana, Embodiment, Authentic Action, and Transmission
  • Movement Methodology
  • Myth and History
  • Ancient Textual Study
  • Hands On Adjustments
  • Community and Connection
  • Verbal Expression
  • Ritual and Tradition
  In Addition to the Seven Main Modules, Engage in these enhancement modules to fine tune and inspire your teaching.
Professional Refining Modules
8/9 - 8/12: Mythical Mystical Heart Immersion: Myths, Mystics, and Meaning. The Art of Poetic Voice and How to Tell a Story
  9/13 - 9/16: Flow – The Edge of Skills Evolved – Advancing Embodiment
  10/11 - 10/14: Yoga for Emotional Intelligence, A Mythic Motion – AGanesha and Hanuman Immersion
The Purpose Project
A Service Study and Activation of 20 Hours
  Each teacher selects one program from our five arms of activism, seva or service. This encourages each teacher to develop a life long connection and platform of meaning from which authentic teaching, inspiration, and direction can thrive:
  • Planetary – Environmental Activism and Service
  • Women – Centered Activism and Service
  • Child – Centered Activism
  • Human Right – Underserved – Poverty Shifting Service
  • Animal Activism
  Twenty hours of applied and reflected upon service, as well as a directional focus and plan for future service inspiration for one’s teaching platform are aimed to be the outcome.
Final Requirements for successful completion of Mandala include:
• Completion of all Modules
  • Completion of The Purpose Project
  • A 500 – word book reflection on each of the texts within each of the weekend immersions.
  • A video of two 60 – 75 minute classes.
  • A catalog of 6 current or future workshops or immersions.
  • A professional bio.
  • Homework completed, as requested in individual immersions, modules and online sessions.


200 Hour Teacher Training

Dates, times and hours.

Over 200 contact hours taught over 10 weekends, January - October 2018.
  Weekend module hours:
  Thursday & Friday 6pm – 9 pm
  Saturday 10am – 6pm,
  Sunday 10am – 4pm.
  Dates: January 25th - 28th, February 8th - 11th, March 1st - 4th, April 5th - 8th, May 3rd - 6th, June 7th - 10th, July 12th - 15th, August 9th - 12th, September 13th - 16th, October 11th - 14th


  • $3600.00 (Includes manual)
    •Early bird discount of $100.00 if registered by November 1st with a nonrefundable $500 deposit.
      •Tuition can be paid in full OR 5 installments (after nonrefundable early bird $500 deposit, $600 after November 1st) of $600.00 will be charged to your credit card on file on February 1st, April 1st, June 1st, August 1st and October 1st. Payments made by installments will be charged a finance fee of $10.00 per installment.
      •Payments made in full prior to January 1st will receive the Early Bird rate of $3600
      •In the event of student withdrawal, Ananda Shala retains the initial deposit and 10% of any payments made to date of withdrawal. In the event of course cancellation by Ananda Shala, all funds will be returned to student.

Rest for All: Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

with Tara Lemerise, E-RYT, YACEP

Some of our students’ deepest experiences of yoga happen when we can give them the opportunity to stop working to control their body and mind and instead help them rest with support, awareness, and intention. The deep, purposeful kind of resting possible with restorative yoga can eliminate fatigue, expedite recovery from injuries, ease experiences of anxiety, and develop resistance to the impact of stress on physical and mental health, among other things. This teacher training will provide the tools you need to teach restorative poses with confidence and ease, both in a group setting and to one-on-one clients.

This training is ideal for:

~new and experienced yoga teachers who want to expand their teaching skills
~anyone currently enrolled in an immersion or yoga teaching training program
~anyone interested in deepening their understanding and experience of restorative yoga

This training is eligible for 12 hours of continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance and after completion, there are opportunities to join Tara’s apprenticing program.

Tuition includes a spiral bound 30-page Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Manual.

Areas of study.

You will learn:
~detailed alignment and propping instruction of at least seven restorative postures
  ~the benefits, applications, and energetics of restorative yoga asanas
  ~when and how to use props to initiate a relaxation response
  ~how to address injuries, limitations, and special conditions during restorative practice
  ~ways to identify physical and energetic misalignment in restorative poses
  ~skills for physical and verbal adjustments during restorative practice

Dates, times and hours.

Saturday, November 4 and Sunday, November 5, 12:30-7 pm each day


  • $275 when registered by October 4, $350 after

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