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Ali Basye-Featherston

Ali Basye-Featherston, known to her tens-of-thousands of social media followers as the “Freckled Yogi,” is a certified yoga teacher and brand ambassador for several popular Yoga apparel companies. Ali has traveled the world promoting and teaching yoga. With a huge social media following, Ali has created a one-stop online platform for people seeking to introduce yoga into their daily lives. She promotes wholesome recipes, yoga-inspired workouts, and health and wellness products. Her mission is to inspire people of all walks of life to practice yoga and provide them with the means to start and progress their yoga practice. Ali teaches with the intention to meet students where they are such that each person has an appropriate modification or advancement. 

Irene Glasse

Yoga, Reiki Training, Reiki Healing

Lara Lattman

Nutrition Counseling, Yoga

Valerie Packe

Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Ashley Phillips

Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Jessica Kirkland

Pilates Mat & Equipment

Sangeet Angad (Stephanie Lynne)

Kundalini Yoga

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