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Christina R. Hyrkas

Christina began her yoga practice in 2013 after thirteen years of competitive swimming.  Yoga gave her a new outlet for physical motion, similar to what swimming used to provide. As the asanas sunk into her body, she also started  to find healing in the mental and emotional sides of the practice. She wanted to share the healing and bliss she found on her mat, and so she pursued her teacher training. She completed her RYT in 2018 in Athens, Greece and returned back to the States to begin teaching. Christina hopes to inspire students to carry their practice beyond her class and into their everyday lives.

Irene Glasse

Yoga, Reiki Training, Reiki Healing

Lara Lattman

Nutrition Counseling, Yoga

Valerie Packe

Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Ashley Phillips

Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Jessica Kirkland

Pilates Mat & Equipment

Sangeet Angad (Stephanie Lynne)

Kundalini Yoga

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