Find your bliss.

Ananda Shala is a full-spectrum Vinyasa Yoga, Power Pilates studio, and Mind-Body Wellness Center offering Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Special Workshops, Yoga Teacher Training, Private Sessions and Healing Services in beautiful, historic downtown Frederick, MD.

First-timers to Lifetimers
All Are Welcome.

We welcome you with open arms, hearts and smiles. “Ananda” means bliss and “Shala” means home or abode. It is a gathering place for students to practice, share, experience and grow. Our goal is for each student that walks in the door to simply BE at home in every way. Welcome to Ananda Shala!
Live schedule
  • Welcoming, Friendly Environment.
  • All skill levels welcome.
  • Certified Yoga and Power Pilates instructors.
  • Mats and Props available for use.

at Ananda Shala

at Ananda Shala

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